VR Box 2nd Generation with Remote Control

VR Box 2nd Generation with Remote Control


2nd Generation VR Box
Lens distance control
Remote Control available

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Buy VR Box 2nd Generation with Remote Control storeonline.pk at the best price in Pakistan.VR Box 2.0 is yet another VR viewer made from plastic, but one worth mentioning, since it is surprisingly good, compared to what the competition offers – especially considering the very low price you will find for this VR headset. You put on the VR headset with the included straps that hold it in place in front of your eyes. This makes for a more immersive experience than those VR goggles where you need to hold the headset in place with your hands.

Just like Homido and Samsung Gear VR, the headset has settings that allow you to adjust the VR headset to your eyes. We are all unique, and so is the placement of our eyes. Therefore, you can adjust how far the lenses are from each other, as well as how close you want them to your eyes. The last mentioned option enables you to avoid wearing your glasses inside the VR headset. At a high level of vision correction, however, it may still be necessary.

It is very easy to install your mobile phone inside the VR headset by first sliding out of the mobile phone holder of the VR Box 2.0. Then you insert your phone, after which you slide the holder back into the VR headset


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